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Experience seamless and uninterrupted power for your CPAP devices with the ultimate power package: the Portable Outlet UPS CPAP Battery combined with the versatile 12 Volt DC to AC 100 Watt Inverter. Designed to keep your CPAP or BiPAP running smoothly without the need for additional adapters, our Pure Sine Wave CPAP Battery ensures your therapy remains uninterrupted, even during power outages. With the capability to power any brand and model of CPAP machines for 8 to 10 hours on average, our system provides peace of mind with its built-in power supply that recharges using a standard cord, fast-charging USB output, and compatibility with solar chargers.

The NEW VERSION 2 of our CPAP Battery not only features a 159W UPS for reliable backup but also introduces an enhanced circuit board and raised chassis for cooler operation, ensuring longer battery life and reliability. Its auto-switching feature allows for international use (100V to 240V), and it's fully compliant with TSA & FAA guidelines for hassle-free air travel.


To complement your power needs on the go, our multi-functional 12 Volt, Lighter Plug-In, 100 Watt, DC to AC Inverter allows you to charge the Portable Outlet 155W in any vehicle, making it an indispensable accessory for camping, hunting trips, or any situation where traditional power sources are unavailable. This inverter is not just for your CPAP battery; it's equipped with a built-in USB port for charging mobile phones or tablets and includes a 3-Prong Adapter for powering laptops and other small electronics.


Together, this bundle offers the longest-lasting, most versatile CPAP battery solution on the market, ensuring that when the power goes out, your therapy continues without interruption. With pure sine wave technology, built-in safety features, and a design that meets rigorous travel and safety standards, you're equipped to handle any power challenge, anywhere, anytime.

Battery and Car Charger Inverter (Drop Ship Combo)

$388.00 Regular Price
$378.00Sale Price
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