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Perfect for those confined to a bed, the Vive compact overbed table provides a generously sized surface for mealtimes, work and other activities when recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Height adjustable, the compact table can also tilt for ease of use while writing, drawing or typing. The mobile base utilizes four swivel casters to easily position it for left- or right-handed use at any bed, sofa or chair. Easy to assemble, the versatile table is constructed with a steel frame and composite top for easily withstanding daily use.




  • Convenient Mobile Tabletop
    Perfect for the bedside and use at the sofa, the Vive compact overbed table provides a stable surface for meals, for work and play. The adjustable table features a compact design for easily wheeling out of the way when not in use. Ideal for those who are bedridden, on prescribed bed rest or simply need a convenient mobile workspace.


  • Height Adjustable For Comfortable Use
    Easily adjust the height of the tabletop for comfortable use at most bedsides, chairs and couches. A tension knob allows the tabletop to be raised or lowered between 28” to 47” in height and tilted at an angle for comfortable positioning of the table to fit every individual. 


  • Easy To Maneuver
    Four swiveling wheels allow the Vive compact overbed table to be easily positioned on the left or right side of the bed for versatile use. The outer wheels also include a locking feature for greater stability while in use. 


  • Sleek Durable Design
    Constructed with a steel base, easy to maneuver swivel wheels and a strong tabletop, the Vive compact overbed table is exceptionally durable and safely supports up to 22 pounds. The overbed table also features a slightly raised edge to prevent items from sliding off. 





  • What’s Included: 1 table with wheels

  • Color(s): Grey and Black

  • Product Dimensions: Table: 24” x 16” - Height adjustment 28” up to 47”

  • Product Weight: 17lbs

  • Material(s):

    • Steel

    • Wood board

  • Latex free: Yes 

  • Uses: For providing a convenient bedside surface to make meals and activities easier

Compact Overbed Table

$79.00 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
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