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The Portable Outlet can be charged in your car, using the Portable Outlet Power Supply, plugged into our 12 Volt, DC to AC 100 Watt Inverter.


Portable Outlet is proud to launch our multi-functional 12 Volt, Lighter Plug-In, 100 Watt, DC to AC Inverter to charge the Portable Outlet 155W in any vehicle. Always handy during camping/hunting trips, power outages, and anytime power is unavailable.


Simply plug the Portable Outlet Power Supply into the DC to AC inverter, just like they plug our Power Supply into their wall outlet at home. Then plug the other end into the car’s 12 Volt Lighter Input. A depleted Portable Outlet will recharge in about four hours.


It has a built-in USB port so you can also charge a mobile phone or tablet. This 100 Watt inverter is strong enough to power most CPAPs, so it is not just a one-dimensional car charger. ​Our package includes a 3-Prong Adapter, so you can power a laptop or another small electronic device that has a 3-Prong Power Supply.

DC2AC Car Charging Inverter

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