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Perfect for tracking daily activity and sleep levels, the wristband Vive fitness tracker provides health info at a glance, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature and more. The fitness tracker includes multiple activity modes for greater accuracy during workouts and sporting events. Easy to pair with your smartphone, the fitness track displays incoming calls, messages and alerts and integrates with the free Vive Fit app for viewing your weekly, monthly and yearly statistics. The fitness tracker is also rechargeable with a standard USB outlet for greater convenience.



  • Activity Tracking Made Easy

Making the most of every step, workout or moment of sleep, the Vive Fitness Tracker is a convenient way to track daily activities, calories burned and more. The fitness watch includes multiple activity modes for greater accuracy when participating in sports, cycling, jogging and practicing yoga.


  • Continuous Monitoring

Automatically recording your pulse rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and sleep patterns, the Vive fitness tracker allows you to monitor your heart health, making adjustments to your lifestyle and reaching out to your physician as needed. Historical data can be easily viewed and shared on the Vive Fit app. 


  • Fitness Tracking App Included

The Vive fitness tracker easily connects with most smartphones to receive notifications of incoming calls, messages and alarms as well as for use with the Vive Fit app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Vive Fit app allows you to view your recorded measurements and activities by day, week, month and year.


  • 10 Day Battery Life

Utilizing a long-lasting rechargeable battery, the fitness tracker lasts up to 10 days before needing to be recharged. The fitness watch is rechargeable using any USB outlet, including wall chargers, power banks and more, so there is no need for a special charging cable or docking station. 



  • What’s Included:

    • 1) FitnessTracker Body 

    • 2) Band

    • 3) Manual

    • 4) Quick Start Guide/App installation


  • Color(s): Black, White, Orange, Blue, Light Green

  • Size(s):  One Size

  • Product Dimensions: 140*87*17mm/ 5.8in*3.4in*0.67in

  • Product Weight: 50g/ 0.11lbs

  • Material(s): Enclosure ABS plastic, PCB board assembly, microphone, display, TPU band.

  • Latex free yes or no: Yes

  • Care: Clean with a clean damp cloth, debris and contaminants from the display surface by using a clean damp cloth.  Cleaning directions are in the manual.

  • Electrical specifications:  

    • Battery: 105mAh

    • Bluetooth Type:  BT5.0

    • Display details:  0.96" TFT color touch screen

    • Certification: FCC CE Rohs

Fitness Tracker

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