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A convenient solution for those confined to a bed, the Vive overbed table also provides a large, stable surface for mealtimes and other activities when recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Height adjustable, the overbed table utilizes four swivel castors to easily position it for left- or right-handed use at any bed, sofa or chair. Constructed with a durable steel frame with a wood grain laminate top, the bedside table is easy to assemble with illustrated step by step instructions.



  • Versatile Usage Across Multiple Settings
    The overbed table offers a spacious tabletop suitable for bedsides, sofas, recliners, or wheelchairs. It's an ideal solution for mealtimes, tabletop activities, and using laptops. The tabletop is easily cleanable with standard household disinfectants, making it perfect for individuals in recovery.

  • Effortless Height Adjustment
    Utilizing a one-touch adjustment lever, the overbed table swiftly adjusts from 24” to 47” in height, allowing optimal positioning for users. Simply push the tabletop upward to raise the table and use the adjustment lever to lower it to the preferred height.

  • Smooth Mobility and Sturdy Locking
    Equipped with four swivel castors, the overbed table is effortlessly maneuverable, enabling placement on either side of the bed and convenient storage when not in use. The column wheels feature locking tabs, providing stability during use.

  • Robust Steel Frame for Durability
    Assembling easily, the overbed table features a premium, corrosion-resistant steel frame that safely supports up to 50 pounds. The tabletop, constructed from durable wood grain laminate, has a slight lip to prevent items from sliding off, ensuring longevity and functionality.



  • What's Included:

    • Overbed Table

  • Uses: For convenient bedside option for meals, activities, laptops and more

  • Materials: Steel frame, Four swivel castors, Wood grain laminate tabletop

  • How To Assemble:

    • With the tabletop laying face down on a flat surface, attach the column assembly with the included screws, washers and spring washers

    • Place the bolt plate over the base, aligning the holes with the column assembly

    • Attach the base and column with the included bolts, ensuring the base and tabletop are facing the same direction

    • Install the locking wheel on the base near the column by pushing them into the designated openings

    • Install the non-locking wheels on the base furthest from the column

  • Adjusting Tabletop Height:

    • To raise the tabletop: push tabletop up to the desired height

    • To lower the tabletop: push the trip lever upward while pushing the tabletop down to the desired height

  • Braking:

    • Two wheels include foot brakes for easy access

    • Press the tabs down on each of the two wheels to lock wheel into place, release the tabs up to unlock

Overbed Table

$119.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
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