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Combining precise measurements and a sleek, modern appearance, the Vive Precision digital scale features a low-profile, tempered glass platform and high-precision sensors for reliable weight measurements up to 400 pounds. The smart scale easily connects to most iOS and Android devices for convenient weight loss monitoring through the Vive Precision app, compatible with iOS version 8.0 or higher and Android version 5.0. Measured weight is also displayed on the bright, easy-to-read LED screen in pounds, kilograms, or stones, moments after stepping on the scale, with no tapping required.




  • Accurately Track Your Weight
    Utilizing high-precision sensors, the Vive Precision digital scale provides accurate weight measurements of up to 400 pounds for personal reference. Each bathroom scale is also individually tested for fast, accurate measurements in 0.1-pound increments. 


  • Smart Compatibility
    Wirelessly connecting to most iOS and Android devices, the smart digital bathroom scale is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Vive Precision app. The free Vive Precision app provides unlimited historical data, storing all of your measurements in one location without a monthly subscription fee for easily monitoring your progress.


  • Sleek And Easy To Read
    The sleek tempered glass platform features gently rounded corners and a low profile that blends with any decor. Easy to read from any angle, the scale’s bright LED screen displays the detected weight in pounds, kilograms, or stones. 


  • Step-On Activation
    Eliminating the need to step on and off, tap or press buttons, the low-profile scale is equipped with step-on activation and a convenient auto-off function to preserve battery life.




  • What’s Included:

    • Vive Digital Scale

    • Three AAA batteries

  • Uses: For obtaining accurate body weight measurements

  • Dimensions: 11.81” x 12.19” x 0.97”

  • Weight: 3.53 lbs

  • Power: Three AAA batteries

  • Units of measurement:

    • Kilograms

    • Pounds

    • Stone

  • Measurement Ranges:

    • 5 to 181 kilograms

    • 11 to pounds

    • 0 to 28 stone

  • Display: Digital LCD screen

  • Color: Black

  • Care and cleaning:

    • Carefully clean the digital scale using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol or glass cleaner

    • Dry with a soft cloth

    • Do not submerge the unit in water

Smart Digital Scale

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