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Track systolic blood pressure measurements conveniently and accurately at home or on the go with Vive Precision’s aneroid sphygmomanometer which includes a convenient zipper pouch for storage. The large dial is easy to read and the included D-ring allows individuals to easily secure the cuff for accurate self measurements. 



  • Reliable And Accurate Readings

Confidently achieve reliable readings and track blood pressure levels with an accuracy of +/-3 mmHg. The calibrated adult aneroid sphygmomanometer measures systolic blood pressure ranging from 0-300 mmHg. Easily portable, a large zippered travel bag provides safe storage at home or on the go.


  • Convenient Self Measurements

Secured with durable fastener, the lightweight nylon cuff also includes a D-ring to ensure a proper fit for most individuals. Additionally, the included inflation bulb and spring air-release valve enables easy and accurate self-measurements. 


  • Easy To Read Dial

Aluminum alloy manometer is stick and crack resistant. The manometer uses a large, high-contrast dial that is easy to read. Perfect for seniors and those with low vision. 


  • Latex-Free Flexible Cuff

Adult sized nylon cuff fits arm circumferences ranging from  9.84” to 15.75”. The cuff is easily secured in place with premium velcro to ensure accurate results. The double tube PVC inflation bag has a large spring air-release valve and tapered end valve.


  • What’s Included:

    • One aneroid sphygmomanometer

    • D-ring

    • Zippered travel case

  • Uses:

    • For use in obtaining systolic blood pressure readings

  • Color:

    • Gray cuff with black piping

  • Care Instructions:

    • All parts can be washed with a cotton cloth and water

    • Hand wash nylon cuff in warm water and lay flat to dry

    • Do not fully submerge the manometer unit

  • What’s Included:

    • One aneroid sphygmomanometer

    • D-ring

    • Zippered travel case


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