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Ideal for aiding those who can support a portion of their own weight, the Vive transfer stand assist allows individuals to stand and be transported to a bed, wheelchair, toilet or chair without the use of a transport sling. Minimizing the risk of hazardous falls, the transfer stand assist is generously padded for patient and caregiver comfort. The durable steel frame also has many safety features including dual locking casters, locking swivel seat pads, a wide footrest and support strap hooks for caregiver peace of mind.



  • Aid In Patient Transfers, Standing, & Lifting

Designed for easy use by individuals and caregivers, the Vive Transfer Stand-Assist provides mobility assistance for those who can support a portion of their own body weight but who also need a little extra help. It minimizes the risk of both falls and caregiver injuries when transferring a patient from a bed to wheelchair, toilet, sofa, and more. You can use it at home or in nursing facilities.

  • Padded For Greater Comfort

Each handrail is enclosed in a soft foam to provide a secure, yet comfortable grip that minimizes fatigue. The shin rests and split seat pads are also cushioned for patient comfort.

  • Durable Steel Frame Supports 400 Pounds

Safely supporting up to 400 pounds, the Vive transfer stand assist is constructed with a strong steel frame that is perfectly sized to fit through most doorways. The transfer stand assist rests on four swivel casters that easily glide across multiple flooring surfaces including laminate and carpeting.

  • Integrated Safety Features

Securely locking in place, the transfer assists’ dual locking brakes eliminate unwanted movement while standing or transporting a patient or loved one. The frame also includes hooks to easily attach side support straps for added security and stability.



  • What’s Included:

    • Vive Transfer Stand Assist

  • Uses: For aiding in rising from a seated position on a couch, chair, toilet, bed or wheelchair and safely transferring to another position

  • Dimensions:

    • 44” by 30” by 25”

    • Footrest: 16” by 12”

    • Seat size: 19”

    • Inner dimensions: 19.75” by 18”

    • Casters: 3”

    • Height of the base: 5”

    • Weight: 60 pounds

  • Materials:

    • Steel

    • Composite material

    • Foam

  • Care Instructions:

    • Wipe down the transfer stand assist with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe

    • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth




  • Frame - 2 years

  • Wheels - 1 year

Fabrics - 6 months

Sell Sheet
User Manual
Link to Assembly Video

Transport Stand Assist

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